Completely Custom - Sign, Plaque, Award or Gift Design Fee with Free Laser Engraving - Refundable with order - IG48
Completely Custom - Sign, Plaque, Award or Gift Design Fee with Free Laser Engraving - Refundable with order - IG48

Completely Custom - Sign, Plaque, Award or Gift Design Fee with Free Laser Engraving - Refundable with order - IG48

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This is a great opportunity for clubs, businesses, family groups, school reunions, employee appreciation etc etc.

As you know, we have been creating amazing wood-craft products for years from high quality Oak and Walnut. We get request to design and carve multiple plaques, awards, signs, club and organization items from time to time. These custom creations can take many hours of work for us to design and perform test carves before we start the production of the items for the customer. Like any business we must get paid for our time (or we'll not be in business for long!) and this design fee can be very costly for a customer that may only want 10 pieces total.
There is a niche of customer request that cannot afford a design fee on top of the actual cost of producing the product because they only wanted 10 or 20 items produced, so they cancel the product request and end up with nothing.

As owner of Iron Goose CNC I have decided to resolve this issue by making this package offer...

Here is my offer: We will design your custom item, perfect the design complete with laser engraving (if desired), email computer generated photos for your approval - all for $25. With your approval and purchase of the order we will refund your $25 deposit and produce the items and ship them to you in very short order. We will even integrate your company/school or club laser engraved logo/emblem for free.
(If logo is copyrighted, we will need a signed letter of permission from you indicating permission was given from the appropriate owner)
Each piece can have a different name/date/rank as desired but no variance of logo/emblem from piece to piece

There is a Minimum 10 piece order. Any order for 25 pieces or more will receive a 10% discount. 100 pieces get a 20% discount.


High School Reunion Plaques, awards and items of recognition
Collage Fraternity Plaques
Club membership Plaques and signage
Business and commercial signage
Club awards, signage and
Employee appreciation gifts
Campground signage
Boy & Girl Scout Awards
Trade show items
Christmas or holiday greetings and Thank You's
Vendor appreciation plaque
Memorial items
Holiday gifts
Military and Service Awards
Personalized gifts
and much much more

The process goes like this..
1) Purchase this temporary design fee and contact us through email and let us know what it is you desire.
2) We will contact you with a custom order number via email and begin discussions of your needs - no telephone support for this offer
3) We will design the item and email you a realistic computer graphic for your approval and continue our discussions with you.
4) Based on your needs, we will quote a price for your order including shipping and send a link for purchase - Offer good for 14 days
5) If you decide you don't wish to proceed with the order, you can cancel the order and we keep the $25
6) Once you pay for the custom order indicating your final approval, we send it to production and credit the $25 deposit/design fee to your order
7) Production begins and the products finished and shipped per your needs


* Because this is a custom order, we will not cancel or refund the final order once production has begun.
* Defective items with photographic evidence will be replaced at no cost to you
* Shipping will be performed shipping the entire order to the purchaser - not individually shipped unless agreed on prior to purchase
* Follow on orders will be honored with no design changes at original quoted price within 90 days of purchase